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If you want to play for the truly spectacular winnings, the so-called online jackpot slots are something for you.

These are the slots that come with huge cash prizes, which we call progressive jackpots. Stories regularly circulate in the Singapore online casino world of lucky players who have won millions of jackpots.

Progressive jackpots — Play Jackpot Slots

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What is a progressive jackpot? A progressive jackpot is a prize that increases as more people play the associated game with real money. With every turn played, a small percentage of the bet goes into the pot, which keeps growing until someone wins the jackpot. Playing jackpot slots is of course incredibly exciting, but keep in mind that they usually have high volatility. So it is good to have a strategy and a predetermined budget because you can quickly spend a lot of money on it.

Multiple progressive jackpots in one game — Play Hall of Gods

There are even jackpot slots that have multiple progressive jackpots. An example of such a game is Hall of Gods from game developer NetEnt. This is at the same time one of the most popular slots at the moment. Reason for that? The jackpot is so high that dreaming about wealth has not just been a dream for many players. With this form of play, it often happens that a lucky player with a single bet becomes a (multi) millionaire in one fell swoop.


When will the casinos open again? You must know all this!

I was so happy when I sat in front of the television on 27 May for the press conference of Prime Minister Mark Rutte. By containing the coronavirus, there would be easing measures again, which meant that we were well on the right track. Still, there was one easing measure that interested me most: that for the hospitality industry. Or to be very specific: those for casinos.

Fortunately, the redeeming word was there when Rutte indicated that the casinos in the Netherlands would be allowed to open again on July 1, 2020. Although there was an important profit warning (“If the coronavirus flares up again, the casinos will remain closed.”), But fortunately we now know that this has not happened so far. And with that we can finally take a gamble again. After the casinos in Germany, the casinos in the Netherlands will also open again.

Hommerson: open again on 1 July
Especially at Hommerson they make a party of it. For example, on the Facebook page I see how exuberant announcements are made:

“The doors are allowed to reopen at midnight. Would you like to come ? ”.

The fact that they open the casinos again at the stroke of 00:00, shows how much they have been looking forward to this moment.

But never fear — I found an even better option to play casino games, that is to go to an online casino site like MMC 996 Singapore!


Reserve at Holland Casino

Still, most eyes will be on Holland Casino’s 14 locations. These locations will also open again on July 1, although this is accompanied considerable restrictions. For example, reservations must be made and you cannot just go to your favorite casino spontaneously. A special Holland Casino corona helpdesk has also been set up to help you with all your questions about your future visits to the state casino.

Then again, with the coronavirus pandemic yet to be over, I will be giving online casino games a try instead.



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